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Peter and Tsuyuko Spelter


If someone is not able to go ahead in his everyday life, in his occupation, in his family, in his marriage, in his relationship with his children or wherever, if the necessary solutions are not in view, if we do not find a way out, if all advice fails, then we re in a point, where our natural resources, abilities and strength are not available. We have many sources of strength in ourselves.
And many treasures.
Which we often do not use and therefore remain unexploited.

However the strongest strength we have are our parents, and through them, life itself.

Whoever can take his parents, re-establish his strength. Through the family constellations we have the possibility to recapture this strength.
And connect ourselves as a member in the chain, which comes from far away, and strengthened govern our lives.

Dear Visitors,

Here we want to report about our experiences and our offer for family constellations seminars in accordance with Bert Hellinger´s techniques and about nice and lovingly neurolinguistic programming NLP exercises.

There are two aspects in our work, that is, two movements.
The first one is: We look at the reality and at that which has an effect. This view originated from our dedication to Hellinger´s work.Family constellations and methodical parts of Hellinger´s approach are the central point of our work.

The second aspect can be best expressed with a Robert Musil´s quotation: "If there is a sense of reality, there must also exist a sense of possibility." * Here we feel connected with NLP

   We offer the following courses and seminars:  
  Setting up of family constellations for concrete issues

  Training on family and organizational constellations

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