Our Courses
The question we often ask in our workshops is: What do you want? Whatīs your issue?
Only after further explanation of the matter do we arrive at the underlying question:
What do you really want?
With this question we are operatin at another, deeper level.
This is the question on what has an effect on ourselves, and perhaps also on what has an effect through ourselves.
That which the soul wants is often something else than what we want ( so in our diary efforts to get on )
Our soul knows where it wants to it is often conservative.
Or not so quick
Or not so exclusive

Whatever: We often want something else.
And that is also important.
It just costs its price

If the price is very high, or if we donīt want to pay it, we often donīt feel well.
We loose the contact to our innermost and donīt achieve what we want anymore. .

That what we want we can always achieve, as a rule, very often without much effort, if that is what we really want.
What we do in our workshops is something very simple:
We turn a little bit.
So that we look at the soul again, hear it or feel it again.
So that we get in contact again.....

Nothing more... but also nothing less.
Each work is or shows only the way to a solution.
Also what we call "solution" by Family Constellations or other works is just a way to a solution.
The client does all the rest by himself, or that is to say, his soul.

Changes achieved through solutions effect deeply and all inclusively.
Because what effects deeply, effects far.
Solutions are never statements, views, attitudes or demands.
We give up all these things.
Solutions are movements.
Solutions open and take with.